Who are we?

YSI is all about solving the greatest challenges of our generation. After witnessing the Paris Climate conference in 2015, we felt inspired to take it one step further – Creating a global movement of youth who could create and implement the solutions for our grand challenges; from poverty to climate change to gender equality.

Vision: A thriving, sustainable world for all.
Mission: Empower youth to solve the sustainability challenges, through measurable impact.

We offer:

  1. Innovation programĀ 
    Our program picks out the best individuals and form teams. We put you through a 5-month design thinking process, to create a solution for a problem in the world.
  2. E-casesĀ 
    By getting real challenges from businesses, we provide the opportunity to make established businesses more sustainable and innovative, as well as getting opportunities for you, the youth.


Read more about the targets of sustainability from the UN Sdgs

The goal of this blog:

Together with Earthpreneurs, our community, we aim to inspire, provoke thoughts and teach you a thing or two about sustainability, with this blog.