Heartfelt letter to 2017 participants

I have been shocked few times in my life, but I have been shocked several times during these 5 months. Having leader types like you doing tough work through online programs, not giving up, trying, failing, feeling let down, feeling great, feeling down and going through the stages of creating something new, creating a team and creating a movement – that is absolutely heartwarming.

Complexity, experience, and weakness of youth

Reading Jonny Schneiders book “Understanding design thinking, lean, and agile” (2017) I came over this highly intriguing sentence, about complex adaptive systems: “They’re unknowable: There are multiple truths, and the system cannot be described from only one perspective or language. That is, nobody really understands everything. And we can’t fully know anything. They’re intractable: That is, nobody … Continue reading Complexity, experience, and weakness of youth

Why trying to change people is waste of time

Power / ˈpaʊə/: The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events. Yuval Harrari, the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus, wrote (2016): "History is often shaped by small groups of forward-looking innovators rather than by the backwards-looking masses." He is not saying that a few people create big … Continue reading Why trying to change people is waste of time