Don`t hate, innovate.

These days, you should recycle, buy organic, eat less meat, purchase an electric car, travel less by plane. These are some of the causes people cheer for when it comes to creating a sustainable world. In another news we have to eat healthy, exercise, get good grades or deliver more than well at our jobs, be with family and friends, do freaking yoga and meditate – and to top it all of – Be happy.

Brain overload

Honestly, how do you guys think people`s brain work? Do you believe it just stores simple boxes of all the things it should do and then go on does them? It does not, that`s a computer. We have a hard enough time as it is trying to implement our habits of sleep, training or waking up early. Using system 1 and 2, from «thinking fast, and slow», will show you how incredibly hard it is to implement recycling, quit air traveling or eat less meat for a human being.


System 1 does all of your easy tasks. It just goes «I will brush my teeths» or «He is taller than him». It`s super simple and doesn`t take any brain capacity. But this is not the way you think about implementing changes or caring about stuff you see on social media or in the news. It`s our system 2 that has to re-arrange your schedule, way of thinking and habits. Using system 2 drains your energy and will not allow you to start implementing four habits at the same time and then maintain them as actual habits. You use a lot of the brains scarce resources on each task that involve thinking on a deeper level.

I hate to break it to you, but for every web page you make or group in social media you start spamming your solutions for a better world on – it only creates yet another impossible task for most human minds.


Business solutions

So instead of hating on people for not following you on the illuminated path to living a sustainable life, you need to implement business solutions, which people don`t have to think too much about. It`s a fundamental rule that people shouldn`t have to think: «how do I navigate through this website? It should be very simple if we were to believe Kruger in his book «don`t make me think».


Don`t get me wrong. Recycling is good and should not be stopped by any means. I`m only saying that it`s not an actual solution, it solves 20% of a problem. A solution would be something like: «I go to the trash can, throw my garbage and it sort itself out and fly through a tube all the way to the garbage dump.» The SDGs also focuses business opportunities in today`s problems.

The point is: It`s our job as entrepreneurs and innovators to create these solutions, and it`s our job as marketer and businesses to make sure they go to market. We need real solutions implemented at the speed of light if we want to make a sustainable world. Use the energy you throw away on hating on people or calling everyone stupid, towards creating solutions that are both effective and can be sustainable in of itself through becoming a business.