Heartfelt letter to 2017 participants

In YSI we want to put humans first. Community first. Empathy first. This is the mail sent out the day after the participants left Oslo to get home after 5 months of hard work.

Here come my thoughts to all of you participants and YSI local starters. Info on what we will do further will come next week – for now, let me express what you mean to me:

I have been shocked few times in my life, but I have been shocked several times during these 5 months. Having leader types like you doing tough work through online programs, not giving up, trying, failing, feeling let down, feeling great, feeling down and going through the stages of creating something new, creating a team and creating a movement – that is absolutely heartwarming.

You have taught me to stand by my values, express my thoughts, being myself and most importantly: You taught me to dance without drinking. For that, I will be forever grateful. You have taught me that it`s okay to have tears when 30 people you care about go to their homes all around the world.

You worked for so many days, weeks and months, you gave so much of yourself and you tried something very few others have done for real before you. Through the pain and the hardships that you encountered, you ended up creating extremely excited people by showing your ideas and plans. What you delivered on stage on Friday is so good that I was surprised. You took my expectations, crushed it and delivered something that people got excited about getting done – you created HOT cognitions in all the brains present. You have not only done an amazing job with your team, you have made YSI into something that can be built on further. We are now a group of people that can take action on a great scale, and it will only grow bigger, we will be more and we will make a world that we can be proud of – however hard it is to imagine sometimes.

I grew up in a part of the world where I didn`t have to struggle much to have a good life (Started from the middle now I`m here). Meeting all of you, listening to your stories and understanding some of you more makes it more clear how little I know of the world. But you have let me be a part of the world outside of my bubble, let me put all that I am, have and can into something that is not about me, that I truly believe in and that I love. That`s the greatest gift I can ever receive. I 100% believe in each and everyone of you, so if you ever feel like there is something you can`t do – ApperIn me and I will knock some sense in.

On that note, I hope we can make these visions, ideas and thoughts into reality. I dream of a point in time where we push boundaries, build bridges, make changes and take charge for a better world on a scale and with a quality that seems impossible for others to understand.

With all that I am, have and can do, I wish you a nice homecoming, say hello to your families from me and tell them: I have never met a group where every single individual is this great. Keep in touch, I can`t take initiative with all of you all the time, but I hope I can stay in touch with you all. Send me a google invite for a skype talk anytime using my Email – I will be there.

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  1. It’s good to have such a very hard working innovative young man like you. Thanks for the job well done sir.

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