How a domain name turned into an education platform

The YSI Bangladesh team has been awarded top 10 entrepreneurs, and that happened before they launched their application process for their first innovation program – so what has happened?

A week ago the YSI Global team was baffled to hear that the YSI Bangladesh team had gotten an award. We were not surprised by the team getting awards, they are great – it’s just that they got it due to an education platform launched under the radar in December 2017 – barely a month later they got an award for it – The thing is that the global team had never heard of the platform or idea in the first place.

“In Norway, we would not think twice about an unused domain name. It just wouldn’t mean anything down here in Oslo – but this seems to not be the case in Dhaka, Bangladesh.”

Turn nothing into something

So, we have all heard that decentralisation is one of the keys to innovate in the wave of the new paradigm and that innovation happens when we empower teams to create with autonomy, mastery, and purpose. The Bangladesh team had some months earlier gotten two domain names bought by the global department. In Norway, we would not think twice about an unused domain name. It just wouldn’t mean anything down here in Oslo – but this seems to not be the case in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With vague messages from the Dhaka-based team like “We`re working on something cool, but we won`t tell you in case it doesn’t work” we had no idea what they were up to.

A post on Facebook strikes our attention as the Norwegian ambassador gives an award to the Country manager Suman Saha. What is going on? This is great, but what is it?


YSI bangladesh
The Norwegian ambassador stationed in Bangladesh gives the award to Country manager Suman Saha.

Later that day, the Bangladesh team gives us the update that they have made an education platform for Bangladesh and their native languages. They aim to create the countries biggest education platform online, and within a month they have 250 students and 50 teachers, making the total revenue of 1000$.



YSI bangladesh
A screenshot of the education platform offering cheap education Bengali speaking individuals. Find it www.ysibangladesh.com


Now, this is not a case study of the most successful company in Bangladesh, but rather it`s a case study on how we can turn very little into value. The potential of this platform as a business in Bangladesh is huge, and it will be exciting to follow the project. If you spot an opportunity, instead of building the whole project for months on end, the Bangladesh team shows the power of lean, and the attitude needed when we move into the fourth industrial revolution. Are you ready to fight against fast-moving, smart entrepreneurs, with real backup? Because if you aren’t you have better start changing your systems to be able to compete in 2030. To end it all, take a look at the 5th and 6th wave, and make up your mind were to be within the next years:


charactersistics of wave 5 and 6.png
From Breakthrough Business Models by Volans (2016).



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