How having fun can help save the world

you heard it right – this is the idea that having fun can help save the world. To be more specific, a fun auction party can help save the world. The auction-event was made by the massively successful startup Chooose. Short story, Chooose offers a monthly-based subscription for individuals and businesses to buy quotas which businesses need to have permission to release a certain amount of CO2 in the air. Here is their pitch:

Buying CO2 emission permits and chewing them to shreds really makes a difference for the climate. Sounds like it would take hard, complicated, time-consuming and expensive work? No way, Jose! Chooose makes it engaging and easy to be a climate hero. From 



Items up for auction! Buy them and cut some CO2 out of the air as well. Photo by: Jennifer Mue


Choose is no joke

Taken it back to the previous blog entry on the YSI blog with the title “Why trying to change people is a waste of time”, we argue that to change a big system you would need to give solutions that people really want or feel like is okay to use instead of their current solution. Chooose is an example of what we need to get from where we are today to a world where the 2030 goals are actually achieved. In Norway people either care a lot about the world and its problems or they don`t at all. Everyone knows about the problems, but we can’t really expect all individuals to change in all areas of life. What we can do is making offers that are good for the world, and that the consumer want.

Chooose shows us one way it can be achieved – and put`s Norway on the map by drastically shifting the mindset of people. And they are not some startup just talking big games – here’s their 2017: Won Norway’s best startup and the 100 pitches competition, got picked in the final of the extreme tech challenge award, getting millions in investment and already have big companies and investors on board.

The auction party had haircutters, a man dressed as a pirate giving different challenges, a photo-corner, and ten challenges where one example was to cut your hair and they will buy CO2 quotas worth 20 KG of CO2. So I cut my hair and helped the environment – seriously!



The pirate giving riddles and tasks to people. Photo by Eirik SB





Cutting co2 from the air hair by hair. Photo by: Selma Kolberg Johansson


The auction was a blast as well, and a Choose sweater was sold for 50x the price it was made for, other than that you could bid for wine tasting, paintings, yoga-lessons, and several amazing stuff. This was a real party, but the 15$ ticket made sure you went climate-neutral for 1 month – and if you did the challenges you could help the environment even more.

Choose is showing the way, and how framing a problem different can help make changes necessary to reach the global goals. We still need thousands of genius moves like Chooose, but it’s a great start – so, get out and get a bit mental and make something crazy new and fun. Or just simply something that people would like to have but is not bad for the world. It can`t be that hard?



Chooose-6 (1)

Innovation director of YSI with the pacesetter of this event, Jørgen Bø! Photo by: Jennifer Mue



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