We need “Google analytics for the world problems”

For all the problems we have in the world, we have tons of businesses or NGO`s and thousands of people working on it. It seems like everywhere you turn your head, there is a new solution, a new organization or someone working on the problem at hand. Every day there is a viral video about a solution that could revolutionize the world. But how close are we actually? How much of an impact are we making? Are we even making a dent in the problem, or is it simply growing at a faster rate than we are solving it?


Indicators but no reliable data

We need a Google Analytics for the world`s problems. The SDGs are a nice indicator of what we actually need to do, and companies like DNV-GL are mapping out the potential. We have companies like Impact Mapper that maps out the impact an NGO is doing with the money received for their operations. Still, it seems like the problems are never-ending. If there are 800 million people who lack access to clean water, then it should be fairly simple to get closer and closer the goal of clean water to everyone. But nowhere can you find a reliable source of how close we are to ending the problem.

Decdis pitching at YSI

Decdis from YSI pitching. Picture by Vilde Media

Partnerships without the analytics?

I see it as our main challenge right now, to create this analytic. At least a yearly report that shows how close we are. Not a report that estimates, or tries to calculate, or give some vague number of how far away we are. We need to measure each and every initiative across the globe, to the problems they are trying to solve. If we can`t, then we will never understand how to get there or how to work together.

Partnerships for the goals, understanding of your role as a business, NGO or country is vital for reaching the goals. But what we miss is the numbers and real-time data that can guide us the right ways. We need to work together across millions of initiatives, thousands of businesses and billions of people. If you have any idea on how this will be done, your efforts in solving this single issue can benefit all goals in an accelerated speed.

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