Philosophy behind YSI innovation program

Elastical movement.

The program of YSI got created because we missed a startup program fit for 2017 and the 21st-century challenges. We wanted something different that yields action, but based on best practices and experts in fields of innovation, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Programs today lack elastical movement, dynamical approaches, and changes based on needs that pop up along the way. If you cut all illusions of a perfect program, you find YSI. We act as we are startups creating something from the very beginning, and we have nothing more than a loosely based program.


Build trust and find vision.

There are several approaches to building startups and creating innovation, but nothing is quite like our way. With the secret sauce which is Future Leaders Global, a leadership program based on creating sustainable and ethical leadership, we have something else than just good ideas and smart people. Future Leaders expertise lays in the empathy and feelings of people. They create such strong groups that after one day it seems like they have known each other for years. Building trust and working towards a similar set of visions let you move forward with a tenacious force!

Trust the process.

While we are elastic and change based on situations and needs, we aren`t changing for the sake of change. It has to be a well-thought-out reason behind, which is why there is a need for trusting the process. This is a design thinking approach created by IDEO and has been tested a lot of times. It`s the times where the process slows a team down without a good enough reason we change. The process might feel slow the first month because it`s supposed to create robust and fundamentally strong teams, by researching and understanding the problem.

4 – Insights
The gold behind identifying and insights.

While a lot of people jump straight to ideation, we see a huge problem with that. Going deep into a field and studying up to create a common understanding of, let`s say one SDG or the problem of poverty in Bangladesh, it will create a team that can jump between ideas like it`s a skating ramp. While jumping into one idea will force you to go gather insight and identifying issues on that single idea. If you do identification and insights first, you can jump to several ideas in one hour without going back to gather insight.

Process starting beats teaching

One of the main differences from other programs is that our online program is a process starter. While you can claim that trying to teach people with lectures is best, we feel that starting processes is a better way. The workshops, videos, and tasks in the online part of the program are meant to start processes, not defining the truth. There are so many programs, videos, and articles that tell you what to believe – and finding out what you believe first is more important. This makes watching lectures more valuable as well.


Contributor: Didrik Strøhm
Role: COO and Innovation director at YSI

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