Say hello to our new CEO – Marcus Bruns

As a startup organization rapidly develops, the team will develop as well. I am happy to announce that our co-founder, Marcus Bruns will take over the role as the CEO of Young Sustainable Impact!

When new people approach us and want to get involved in YSI, we always ask the same questions: What do you want to work with? What do you want to master? After two years in the role as CEO, I would like to focus more of my efforts closer to the solutions we want to develop through the program and on the strategies we need in order to attain sustainable impact. Therefore, I am glad that Marcus, with all of his resources, wants to continue the work of managing and building this organization.


Marcus (to the right) has been working with YSI since day one and has mainly focused on partnerships and with the expansion of YSI to Southeast Asia, China and Bangladesh.


At the same time, he has completed his Economics degree and done several internships in Singapore, China and Norway. This winter he quit his full-time job as a Management consultant at QVARTZ to focus all his efforts on the further development of YSI.


So what is next for me? I will carry on the torch for sustainability as the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Young Sustainable Impact and develop a network to create a global curriculum for both our YSI programs and the now 50 local groups of Earthpreneurs. I will focus on the measurable impact alongside securing knowledge and funds for the YSI startups. Therefore if you have any thoughts or tips in regards to whom I should contact, I would highly appreciate it.



Amund, now previous CEO, with the Olympic torch in South-Korea.


Looking forward to continuing working with Marcus in this role and to see this development!


Amund Grytting

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