Stop talking – Start doing

What happens when everyone is talking about a thing like Sustainable, entrepreneurship or innovation is that the message becomes surprisingly unclear. It`s like the game where one starts whispering a word to the person next to you, and at the end, you hear the last person say something incredibly weird. Almost every company in the world says they are focusing on sustainability, creating a better world and innovation, according to their websites. If this were true, why are we so screwed then?


First people start talking about some new word, concept or happening in the world, and through media, comment sections, and face to face conversations we end up with doing very little. What`s the reason for this? I believe it`s our nature of wanting to have right, feel comfortable and win. We are in it for ourselves, even when we think we`re not. Too few people are able to have an open mind and are stuck in their own way of thinking, and there are always more people who think like yourself. You then look for what people write that compliments your way of thinking.

A classic «group think» where a group of people is agreeing with each other over something. And if a group of people agrees with you, then it must be, right, right? The groups get together and fight with words against words. Nothing get`s done, everyone gets mad and we all just forgot one very important thing: What was the point? What did we want to be accomplished? No, forget that – we needed to be right, crush the opponent, and ultimately feel good about ourselves.

Get it done – stop talking

Future Leaders Global CEO ELin

Picture by Vilde Media

Just like in business, figuring out what you want to do in life is hard and everyone got an opinion. Does that girl like you? Should you quit your job and start up a company? Travel the world? You need to get going and do. You have to get started, and the truth will emerge if you are able to remember why you started in the first place. Stop talking about everything, stop trying to “figure it out”, and do not look for the ones who agree with you. If you aren`t starting to get it done, you must be unsure. Then go to someone with the opposite view or another idea, and let the person challenge your mindset. This ensures your way forward in whatever issue you are facing.

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