Team 1 – YSI Global 2018

We are proud to announce team 1 in the YSI global program 2018. This team is based in UK, Belgium, and India (born in Mauritius). Read about the team members below:


Halima Lone (UK):

Halima Lone

I’m Halima from the UK. I have lived across the UK studying Sustainable Value Chains and Chemical Engineering in the North-West, working as a Manufacturing Technology Engineer in the North-East and am now a Materials Research Engineer for the largest automotive manufacturer in the Midlands. I was also in the founding class of Unleash Innovation Lab 2017 where I co-developed a value proposition to resolve how Workers Rights could be Improved through Safety in the Ready-Made Garment Industry. Read about what I learned here.

Ishaan Aggarwal (India / Mauritius):
I’m an aspiring serial entrepreneur who spends time thinking about the future and broadly balancing (or repositioning) between needs and desires, external valuable feedback and internal authentic talk/exploration, relationship with other humans and connection with my environment/nature, going fast & agile and being slow & reflective, and the like. I love numbers and imagine patterns, I think life is a fractal, one has to develop that keen sense of finding ratios & curves to discover the inherent intelligent design around us. I feel passionate about our environment and all the living beings on this planet; I believe the Earth is too powerful and can withstand longterm the rapid change that mankind is forcing on it, but it is we who need to save our existence and other beautiful species, think about our actions, realign them and begin a sustainable journey. I can be mercurial in nature, a bit unpredictable, easily getting curious about all the different beauties in/of life and being pulled towards it while being mindful of the changes happening in the process. I believe in the power of collaboration and love listening and understanding to see something new emerge by aligning synergies.
I am from India.
– Before YSI, two of my valuable experiences (in chronological order) where I’ve learnt a lot and done considerably well are:
a) Ran a travel startup for 2.5 years while in college, had a no of highs and lows. Skills that were essential for me during this time were, being a leader taking the team together ahead, navigating with purpose and vision through the phase of ideating to finding validation to executing into a product, pitching our startup at multiple entrepreneurship events to gain more feedback, and collaborating (partnering) with similar businesses in the domain to leverage each other & grow together.
b) Worked successfully as a capital markets trader for 2 years in a prop-trading firm, utilising my skills of mental agility, spotting patterns and making decisions while taking on risk, being disciplined, absorbing pressure in the market in tight situations and creating strategies to overcome uncertainty, and concentrating/focusing for long intervals of time.
-Through this opportunity, I hope to grow and contribute tangibly to solving the problems our world faces today via building a startup focusing initially on one of the many edges of sustainable development, and then growing and focusing on more solutions/products/services to create increasingly more impact. I envision being a serial entrepreneur who dives deep to understand the root of problems, spend time assessing different angles/perspectives, and slowly but surely act on building solutions for the masses that enriches lives and creates a positive environmental impact.
– My biggest drive is to see a more sustainable world, a world that generations to come in the next 50/100/400 years experience and are proud of, one that is more equitable, just and harmonious to all living beings & the planet. Building this future with like-spirited individuals inspires and drives me.
Louis Wouters:

My name is Louis Wouters, I’m 24 years old and coming from Belgium. I’m very excited for the YSI program and I hope to bring some valuable experience with me. Since recently, I’m working for, a crowd-equity platform focussing on impactful projects. Hence I’m consulting/advising social entrepreneurs on business development and finance in my day to day life. Besides, I’m actively involved in Academics for Development (AFD) for the last 4 years. AFD a student organisation offering university students the chance to gain hands-on, practical experience through social entrepreneurial student consulting projects in the Global South. Before I have got the chance to work in Paris for Hystra, an inclusive strategy consulting firm focussing on the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP), Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and Baobab Express, a public transportation initiative in Benin and Togo. In short, I have a passion for social entrepreneurship, youth participation and inclusive business and I hope to expand my horizons, to grow as a person and to achieve fantastic impactful outcomes with the YSI program!
Needless to say, it will be exciting to follow this team in the time to come!

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