Utopia in 60 years

Yes indeed, the world can live in a utopia state of life within 60 years. For those who don`t know what utopia actually means, here is the definition:

«a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions»

But it also has the fitting definition from the same site:

«An impractical scheme for social improvement»

A fast moving world

The last statement is the most believed when we talk about creating a utopia, and understandably so. Let`s for a moment be unreasonable, irrational and a little impractical as I make my case.

The world moves fast and it seems to only grow in speed. While many make the claim that we are a globalized world community, I can`t really accept this way of looking at the world. We are in a world where only half of the world has access to the internet. That`s not globalized – that is literally halfway there.

This is an important reason of why the world is so screwed as it is now. We have people who are poor, sick and unable to build communities. They lack information, education, and help in the most essential areas of life. They live without security, food or any way out of the despair. The more developed countries, as seen in the refugee crisis is in no way capable of handling a vast amount of people – which means the solution is not to allocate people. So how can I believe in the possibility of a perfect world in such a short time frame? When war, refugee crisis, hunger need, poverty, inequality, lack of clean water is present? And when the world economy is in the shitter and of course the environment cracking down?


Technology on the rise

At first, we have the technology innovations that are happening. We see AI, machine learning, robots, VR and many technological advantages that are coming fast. They are mostly in the first phase of market penetration, as we can see on the artificial intelligent lawyer ROSS. This particular program helps lawyer firms scan data faster and better. In the future, we can imagine that this removes 80% of the people needed in law firms, but the same job will be done faster. If you can make the same amount of money, but only a few people are needed for the firm – we get a lot of money to few people. Couple this futuristic view with accounting firms, governments and any industry with humans doing automatic work. We then get thousands of businesses with an insane amount of money.

While it`s scary to think that a lot of people loose their job and few get rich, it`s important to remember the trends of CSR and doing good, as a business. Bill Gates even suggested taxing the use of robots. This money won`t just be in the pocket of a few people, but it will go to organizations doing good, like Red Cross or Amnesty.

The last point here is that we are talking about the use of this in developed countries. Just like half of the population doesn`t have access to the internet. You then get smart people working in ideal companies, getting funding and support from businesses who earn so much. There is not another option than using the money for good.


The 2030 goal

The sustainable development goals are catching fire. The 17 goals are helping people and businesses to focus on specific targets that will help the world. My own experience to see the impact is that the organization I work for. Young Sustainable Impact (YSI), received 10.028 application in our second year without using the money on marketing.

YSI targets the sustainable development goals through getting people under 25 to research the goals, make solutions and implement them. Many people said they had never heard of the goals but was fired up with motivation when getting it more simply explained through the SDGs.

Governments, businesses, and individuals are working more effectively together and alone to reach the goals. While I don`t believe it`s going to be reached within 2030, I certainly believe it will create a groundwork for reaching it the next 35 years.


Actually globalised

When all people in the world have internet, it`s impossible to understand what will happen. This knowledge, coupled with intelligent technology and people who are in need of information to grow food better, get educated and grow their communities will give the possibility of an insane growth in the world.

How will we get internet out to the places it currently is not? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and artists like Bono has pledged to give universal internet access. As Mark Zuckerberg put`s it (2015): «For every 10 persons that have internet, roughly one person gets lifted out of poverty» Check out here to see how it is going.

Elon Musk also wants to cover the world with internet through satellites. He wants to put more than 4000 satellites around the world to give fast speed internet to every corner of the world (Gibb, 2016).

It`s a possibility

I am not in a delusion that it`s easy and highly possible. I am merely saying it`s a possibility that we can grab right now. It means you, your friends, businesses, and governments need to look at the world as one place where people live and are trying to survive. We need people everywhere to create a better world and we`re now being given a one-shot opportunity – so let`s not fuck this up. And for the record, huge innovations never involves everyone. We don`t need 100% of the world to join in, we need enough people that are willing to step up, create and never give up. Let`s get to work!







Contributor: Didrik Strøhm

Role: COO & Innovation director YSI

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