Work remotely and change the game

Working remotely means you won’t physically be with the people you are working with. How can anyone actually work online, and think its fun? It`s getting more and more usual in the world. In Young Sustainable Impact, we have 25 participants from 18 countries, and they work online for 4 months, before meeting each other real life for the first time. Through this experience, we have gained some valuable insights which can be beneficial for others.


Remote work is a psychological barrier, nothing more.

Because we live with the fantasized construction of countries, we feel like one person in another country is much harder to deal with. “It`s so far away!” or “The time difference is unbearable” you can come to think. What I find fascinating is that when people are trying to get a hold of someone in their own country, we tend to just pick the phone up and dial. While, when you live in Pakistan and are trying to get hold of someone in Canada; all of a sudden we have to schedule a meetup for next week before sitting down in front of or Skype.

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Now that’s weird because come to think about it, we have been set up to make online work easier for years. You have Whatsapp, messenger and you can even call on SnapChat! If you need to get hold of your teammate – why don’t you just call? Why do have this barrier, and why are we all so eager to say that it’s too hard to work online? If you turn it around and start looking at the positive sides, it has to start being worth it?


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Multiple locations kicks ass

You can have a team based several countries, connect with the experts in your field within all the different cities. You can find a couple to join your team in country 1, and a couple in country 2. Now you have 2 teams working on different tasks, but the same business. You can approach the best businesses, investors, and talents from multiple locations, Face2Face. You can attend all the conferences, seminars, meetups, etc. in your domain for the fraction of the prize because you are spread across the world.

Working with business remotely is the new thing to do. We are as a civilization not very good at cooperating online, but that`s why we need to take leadership in doing so. Let’s revolutionize how startups tackling the world’s problems are made!

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