YARA – An example to follow

In our core philosophy at Young Sustainable Impact we state:

“We believe innovation and entrepreneurship can solve most of our challenges in the world, that youth is the driving force, and in collaboration with the experienced and established – it can be done.”

YSI circles

“As the world’s leading fertilizer company and a provider of environmental solutions, we address global challenges and create positive change.”
– YARA 2018

With this as a backdrop for how YSI views the world, we have a responsibility to apply this in real life.

Turning a massive ship

When we approached YARA in early January – we hoped that they would support us, but we were surprised on the level of passion they brought to the table. Not only did they want to support the work we do, but they wanted to be involved, to help out, and to be part of it.

From our experience, their mission to’ responsibly feed world and protect the planet’ is one they take seriously . You often think of big corporations as slow, and unwilling to change because, as the old adage says, ‘it takes longer time to turn a massive ship, than a speed boat’. But this is not the case with Yara.


Advising on fertilizer use, Ghana. Photo: Ole Walter Jacobsen

Main partner 2018


To innovate as a big company, you need people with passion, foresight, and ability to move fast in a uncertain world. What we find interesting with YARA is that they make us feel slow sometimes; as their willingness to get things done is incorporated deeply within the company. YARA became our main sponsor and supporter this year, and is one of the key reasons why YSI is able to not only make a better program in Oslo, but to make this happen in South East Asia, Bangladesh, and China.

But it’s not only about financial support, it’s about having a company that wants to help the startups, understand innovation better, and engage with youth across the world.

A big shout out and thank you to YARA for their seriousness in taking charge when it comes to making the world better. It truly means a lot for a bunch of young driven people, to see a big company taking the challenges of the world seriously.



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