YSI Presents: Team 7

The YSI Global program is making an impact by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with breakthrough solutions with youth from all across the globe. With collaboration to reach the SDGs with a fully-funded mentorship and prototyping of new business ideas with 21 chosen from 8650 youth that address the indicators within the SDGs. These are three of those 21.

These three individuals have said yes to participating in the YSI program 2018 and to explore the Sustainable Development Goals, creating a sustainable business venture this year. Here follows the three individuals selected for team 7:

Leah Davidson

Quebec, Canada


Could you please tell us a little bit more about yourself?
I was adopted from China, grew up in Quebec, Canada, and now live in Washington DC.

What have you done well before the YSI program and what are your best skills?
I am an experienced social entrepreneur, having founded an international environmental campaign to preserve Antarctica, a small business incubator in Peru, a new university discipline at the University of Pennsylvania focused on art and sustainability, and two for-profit social enterprises. I would consider my strengths to be business operations, strategic partnerships, fundraising, marketing, and writing/storytelling.

What is your biggest drive (Drive: An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need).
Through YSI, I hope to meet inspiring people from around the world and launch a great product that helps to solve a social or environmental problem. I would say that my biggest drive is to make a positive impact globally through launching a technology startup.

Nikky Kumar Jha


Nikky Kumar Jha

Nikky Kumar Jha is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Sustainable developer, Techpreneur, and Writer. He published his first Research paper at the age of 16. He attended many International Conferences and presented his talks. His famous Invention is on Generation of Electricity from Coal Ash, Very Low cost Solar Computer, House with a rotating roof made up of solar panel, fully solar operated cold storage with rotating roof, Generation of Electricity from coal ash, wearable medical device, Agro-electronics devices, Sun tracker etc.

Currently, his working domain is on Solar operated digital education system, Decentralization of the solar cold chain in India, Integration of renewable energy in cost effective ways in different sectors and Rural Industrialization by setting up the cluster of micro-industries. He got “PARYAVARAN RATNA AWARD” at the age of 14 followed by Global Youth Entrepreneurs award, and many International and National awards. He motivates School students across the country and teaches skills to underprivileged children’s who lack the basic necessities of life. He is the author of the book named MIRACLE MINDS. He is associated with Technoculture Building Center Pvt. Ltd. as Scientific Advisor.  He is pursuing Masters in Ecology and Environmental Studies at the Prestigious NALANDA UNIVERSITY.

Subramanian Ramviji

Bangalore, India

Subramanian Ramviji.jpg

Subramanian is a 25-year-old computer engineer from Bangalore, India. He loves building products to solve social challenges and is a staunch believer that technology can save lives and make things better. For the past few years, he’s been advocating the use of tech – not just surface level but at the core of solutions around SDGs. In college, when he learnt about the gravity of environmental wastage in printing paper receipts, he hacked into the point-of-sale device and created a mobile application called ‘Paperless Receipts’ and represented India at the world finals of University Mobile Challenge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

He really enjoys his time with his friends and loves being outdoors. He also hasn’t missed a Shark Tank episode and is majorly involved in bringing European-esque football fan culture in Bangalore with Bengaluru FC because ‘a club in my land is better than a club in England’. Oh and he wants to build his own camper van soon!

Currently, he volunteers with ‘Data for a cause’ and leads ‘Internet Society’ in Bangalore. He wants to take up a stronger and a bigger challenge and plans to build a kick-ass startup through the YSI program.


We will do everything we can to facilitate team 7 and see them succeed. If you have anything you would like to contribute to this team feel free to contact us or team 7 and speak your mind.

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